Why choose Basset & Gold Bonds?

The company has gone from strength to strength since its inception, forging its success around its core values and beliefs:

No hidden fees or charges

We are focused on helping you achieve your investment goals. As such, we do not charge any fees from our investors and base our income entirely on profits generated from our financing activities.

High level of security

We provide a high level of security and scrutiny as your investment is initially placed into a segregated account with Basset & Gold’s lawyers who also perform all required anti-money laundering checks before the investment is accepted as a bond subscription.

High returns

Whilst Basset & Gold believe in helping businesses in all aspects of their financial success, the company is driven to generate the highest possible returns for its clients.

The global view

Whilst operating exclusively with UK-based investors, Basset & Gold’s knowledge of the global markets allows us to take an unbiased view of the UK economy. This means that we take global matters into consideration when examining our investments in order to deliver the highest returns to our investors.

Customer care

We value our investors and
understand that their time and peace of mind is precious. That’s why we have a dedicated customer care team that will go the extra mile to answer your queries.


Basset & Gold believes each of its investors, however big or small, should be treated with the same professional attitude and high standard of service. We look to provide everyday investors with the opportunity to take advantage of an offer that was previously available only to institutional and ultra-high net worth investors, and gain attractive returns from as little as £1,000 by purchasing Basset & Gold bonds.

Our pricing policy allows us to:

  • offer easy, efficient and attractive financial services;
  • provide diverse investment types to meet almost every investor's needs; and
  • keep significant default cushions, both at the platform level and in corporate provision funds, and professionally choose borrowers for you.

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Your capital is at risk when investing in unlisted bonds. 
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