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We've Relaunched Our Innovative Finance ISA Bonds

In response to high demand, we have decided to make our Innovative Finance ISA Bonds (IFISA Bonds) available again in 2018. Our IFISA Bonds were among our most popular products last year, with almost £10m invested by nearly 800 customers to date.

The Basset & Gold IFISA Bond is now available once again, offering investors tax-free returns as a monthly income or a 3-year compounded lump sum. You can invest from as little as £1,000 up to £20,000, as well as consolidate any existing ISAs. If you have already reached your ISA limit for this year, you can still transfer the funds into our IFISA Bond without it impacting your allowance, and you will still benefit from our rates of return. As with all our products, the IFISA Bond comes with no management fees.

Monthly Income or Lump Sum
Our two IFISA Bonds are designed to suit customers with different goals when it comes to investing their capital. The 3-year fixed-rate (6.12%) IFISA offers a tax-free monthly return on your investment, ideal for customers looking to invest their capital to provide an additional source of income. Our 3-year compounding IFISA is ideally suited for customers looking for a long-term return on their investment. This IFISA offers 6.70% AAR, with a total interest rate of 20.10% on the initial investment. 

Whatever your needs, our IFISA Bonds can offer an opportunity to make your money work harder for you.

Interest Shield
Our IFISA Bonds now include the recently introduced Interest Shield feature, which means that your Basset & Gold IFISA Bond interest rate will track the base rate set by the Bank of England as it increases taking effect from the date of issue. However, the unique feature of these products is that they will not track Bank of England interest rate reductions. Where the Bank of England interest rate rises and falls, the Bond rate will reflect the highest increase since the date of the Bonds' issuance. This is referred to as a "High Water Mark".


  • 764 IFISA Bond investors to date
  • Over £9.5m invested
  • Tax-free returns at 6.12% (monthly) or 6.70% (compounded lump sum)
  • Linked to the Bank of England ‘High Water Mark’

You can apply online today or contact one of our Relationship Managers for more information on 0800 249 4555.

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Nicholas Walter