Haydock High School rugby team wins 18-6 against Deanery

As part of our outreach programme, we sponsor Haydock HighSchool's sports department. For the 2018/19 school year, we’ve provided a newkit for the school’s rugby, football and netball teams.

Earlier this winter term, we visited Haydock to see the Year 11 rugby team in action against Wigan-based Deanery High School and to find out more about how our sponsorship has helped the team.

Deanery, a tough side who have performed well in regional competitions, presented a challenge for the Haydock first 11. But the Basset & Gold-backed team went out to claim an incredible 18-6 victory over the rival school.

Sean Kehoe, the PE teacher at Haydock and coach of the first11 rugby team, spoke to us about the impact the new sponsored kit has had on the players.

“It’s been fantastic to get the new kit – not just for rugby, but the netball and football teams as well. It makes a huge difference for the students. You can see how much more confident they are in the way that they play. It’s great for them to know that people outside the school are taking an interest in what they do and that they’ve got that extra backing and support.

“The win over Deanery was a great boost for the team. I was extremely proud of how they played – they’ve come on massively as a team since most of them started playing in year 7. Since having the new kit, I’ve seen the team showing a new level of commitment and enthusiasm.”

We also talked to the students themselves to find out what impact the Basset & Gold sponsorship has had on their sporting performance.

“I’ve always thought if you turn up to a game with a good kit it scares the opposition a bit!” said Year 11 student Mark. “It definitely makes you feel a lot more confident to be in a good-quality kit. I’ve been keen on the sport since I was young. It’s my favourite subject in school and I’ve pursued it in my free time as well. I play football for Haydock too, and it’s great to have the new kit from Basset & Gold for both sports.”

Another member of the Haydock first 11,14-year-old Lewis, said, “Having the new kit has really helped with morale. Having the kit and a sponsor has brought something new to the team. Getting the extra support has encouraged the people who play to keep going with it. There’s always been a big group of students here who are into sport but getting the new sponsor and the new kit has encouraged a lot of people to stick with it.”

Thanks to the staff and students of Haydock for talking to us during our visit, and huge congrats to the Year 11 rugby team for that amazing win!

Our support and passion for sports and healthy lifestyles doesn’t stop at Haydock High School. Find out more about our other sponsorship programmes, such as the Basset & Gold Walking Football Tournament and our partnership with West Ham United FC.

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