Beating Bullying with Kidscape and West Ham United

We recently teamed up with Kidscape and West Ham United to beat bullying and help children make the move from primary to secondary school. West Ham players, Jack Wilshere, Ryan Fredericks and Angelo Ogbonna, were joined by pupils from two neighbouring primary schools at the East London team’s Academy training ground Chadwell Heath, Romford

Kidscape is an anti-bullying charity with a vision for all children to grow up in a world free from bullying and harm. Their mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives. This commendable approach is something Basset & Gold wholeheartedly supports, so we set about teaming up with Kidscape and West Ham United to inspire a group of 11-year-olds who will be starting secondary school later this year.

On 7 May 2019, we helped to arrange a day at West Ham United’s Academy training ground at Chadwell Heath in Romford. Pupils from two neighbouring primary schools were invited to a session with West Ham United players, Jack Wilshere, Ryan Fredericks and Angelo Ogbonna.

The Players Make An Appearance

The day began with Gemma Clemson, programme and volunteering manager, and Jillian Jones, Kidscape rep, delivering a session to the pupils, which focused on encouraging them to think about and discuss some of the things they were excited about regarding their starting secondary school later this year. Suggestions included, having more responsibility, meeting new people and learning new things.

Alongside this, the pupils were asked to share some of the concerns they had about moving to senior school. Some were understandably nervous about moving to a new area and missing some of their old friends. However, they were encouraged to understand that there are some things they can control and other things that they cannot control.

Soon after, Jack Wilshere, Ryan Fredericks and Angelo Ogbonna entered the room to sit with the children and understand a little more about what it was Kidscape was doing. The players shared personal experiences, challenges and how they managed to overcome them, to help show the schoolchildren how to manage changes in their lives and stand strong against bullying.

Managing Change and Making Friends

The event was the start of Kidscape’s programme of workshops which will be delivered in schools in England and Wales throughout June and July. Jack Wilshere said “As a father myself I know the importance of giving kids confidence. The move from primary to secondary school is never easy and by talking to the kids from the local area we’ve been able to give them the confidence to really succeed and make the most of their time in secondary school.” The Chief Executive of Kidscape, Lauren Seager-Smith added “The move from primary school to secondary school can be tough. Hearing positive stories and experiences from role models makes a huge difference to younger people’s confidence and self-esteem, helping them to reach their full potential once they start secondary school.”

Ultimately, Kidscape will share strategies for managing change, making friends, dealing with bullying and conflict, and learning how to speak up. Over the course of the programme, more than 225 children will take part in the first year alone. The day was a great occasion and the pupils were genuinely inspired - we might add that we took some inspiration from the event too and were humbled by the work that Kidscape did throughout the day.

About Kidscape

Kidscape’s vision is for all children to grow up in a world free from bullying and harm, with adults who keep them safe and help them to reach their full potential.

About West Ham United FC and Basset & Gold

Basset & Gold, a city-based investment company operating in the Alternative Finance market, is the official shirt sleeve sponsor of West Ham United. The organisation is committed to a range of social outreach activities from supporting elderly community programmes to state-schools sports and PE engagement. Basset & Gold is proud to be working with West Ham United and Kidscape in this unique collaboration to equip children with the skills needed to move on to their secondary school with confidence.

You can follow Kidscape on Twitter and feel free to give Basset & Gold and West Ham United a follow too.

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