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Basset & Gold is proud to be selected as a co-finalist of the SME National Business Awards in the ‘FinTech Business of the Year’ category.

The category highlights up-and-coming financial sector companies that harness technology to provide end-to-end solutions to enhance user experience and support or enable banking and financial services.
Basset & Gold is selected as
co-finalist for Fintech Business of the Year 2018

The SME National Business Awards aim to support and share their vision to raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and enterprising SMEs nationally.

Basset & Gold was judged a worthy finalist due to its ability to distinguish itself from other alternative Finance and FinTech companies by means of providing substantive added value to our investors and site visitors by pursuing an informative, thought-provoking and instructive content agenda, commissioning a range blog articles from writers regarding the UK macroeconomic environment, as well as producing and hosting engaging video content through our Academy section on our website (www.bassetgold.co.uk/academy).

Within this section we have sought leading professors of economics to put together a series of lectures to both train our investor-facing teams (and those in the marketing function) and provide content on our website to educate and inform new and current investors, as well as those taking an interest in becoming more informed and enlightened in their investment decision-taking.

Basset & Gold's commitment has been to harness a range of technologies to create investment opportunities that are easy to understand, transparent and that continuously manage risk while maintaining market-leading returns that meet our investors' financial goals.

Daniel Smith, Director at Basset & Gold, said, “It’s a true honour to qualify as a co-finalist in this prestigious category of the SME Awards. It’s a reflection of our commitment to provide an increased value-added service to all our investors and those wishing to increase their knowledge base in this key area.

As a co-finalist, the award winner for the FinTech Business of the Year category will be announced at the Wembley Stadium in London on the 7th December.

View the Academy section of our website today to view our wealth of educational resources designed to provide investors with a comprehensive introduction to financial markets, institutions and instruments that constitute global finance.

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Nicholas Walter