Our investment process

Basset & Gold provides financing for online marketplace lenders and direct debt facilities. This means that we mostly provide facility loans directly to platforms, who then in turn provide online loans through their websites. In the rare occasion that our investment team determines that a direct loan might be a more appropriate way to manage risk or opportunity then we may consider a direct asset-backed loan facility. Our profit rests between the returns we generate and the interest rate we pay you, and so our interests are aligned as we only make money if our investors make money.

We have a rigorous investment process performed by our skilled investment team that includes in-depth financial analysis, legal and accounting checks as well as corporate and procedural checks. Our investment team come from leading financial services and investment firms so you can rest assured that our bonds give you access to marketplace lending at profit and security levels normally reserved for institutional investors.

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Our standard investment process includes various steps to ensure investment capital is safeguarded, including:

  • Initial opportunity filtering
  • Historical loan book performance
  • Current loan book
  • Evaluating underwriting procedures
  • Corporate due diligence including accounting and legal signoff
  • Determining applicable assets to secure the facility
  • Preliminary internal authorisation by credit team
  • Agree final legal contracts
  • Basset & Gold board authorisation
  • Funding provided

This means that you benefit from the attractive returns that such lending yields, whilst reducing your exposure to risks that individual involvement carries in peer-to-peer and online lending. We perform due diligence checks on borrowers so you don’t have to. We collect information and examine balance sheets and other checks essential to guaranteeing loans. Loans are also asset-secured meaning that in the event of borrower default, these assets can be sold to cover the loan capital and secure your investment. We take on all these cumbersome and time-consuming processes so you don’t have to, making it a truly passive investment.

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Economy of scale

We believe we have access to better deals than private investors and this in turn offers the opportunity to potentially achieve institutional-level returns on your investment, meaning YOU get higher interest rates.

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Asset-backed security

Loans are backed by assets, such as property, corporate debentures and other forms of security in order to PROTECT our investments and your capital.

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Earn interest from day one

Besides being paid directly into your bank account, your interest is accumulated from the moment the application window closes so you don’t need to wait until your money is invested or wait in an “investment queue” until your money is deployed.

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