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We charge a fee to our borrowers, not investors. We do not charge investors any fees or add any charges. Our profits are predominantly as a result of the returns generated from our financing activities. We charge a 20% fee to our borrowers which is paid to a third party connected company. This is disclosed in the Investment Memorandum to eligible investors, and highlighted in the application process.

We do not charge any setup fees or administration charges for any of our investors. In the case of Cash Bonds only, we do not have any withdrawal charges or early withdrawal fees. This means that your interests are aligned with ours and we all share a common goal: to consistently generate outstanding returns with the highest possible security levels.

Account Setup Fee
Does not include
Administration Fee
Does not include
Annual Management Charges
Does not include
No End-of-Term Charges
 Does include
FREE Interest Payments
 Does include
Early Withdrawal (Cash Bond Only)
Reinvestment Fee (Compounded Bond Only)
Dedicated Relationship Manager

Borrower fees and other fees

We do not charge our investors any fees. This means that the interest rates payable on Bonds are payable without any further deduction of fees by the Company or its affiliates.

The Company and its affiliates maximise their returns by charging borrowers and investees. We may do this through a variety of ways, including, but not limited to charging interest, fees and expenses to, and taking shares, warrants, options or other financial instruments in, borrowers and investees.

The following includes a description of the charging structures we commonly use, although we may seek returns from borrowers and investees in other ways from time to time as is appropriate to the transaction in question.

  • We will typically charge interest to borrowers at a rate between 8-15%;
  • We will typically charge a financial intermediary fee to borrowers and investees of up to 20%;
  • We may charge expenses, security charges, transaction costs and exceptional fees to borrowers and investees based on the transaction in question;
  • B&G Finance Ltd gets paid a fixed fee per investor by Basset & Gold Plc out of the above fees.

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