Bond Redemption

At Basset & Gold, we understand that it's not only the rates of return and well-designed products that’s important to our investors, but also the reassurance that once the investment product has matured, the redemption process is seamless, effortless and prompt, ensuring our investor's principal sum is redeemed at par value on the maturity date.

Whether our investors choose to reinvest with us or not, we wish all our future customers to better understand the investment process, from bond selection and ‘on-boarding’, through to maturity, and early redemption options. It is a simple, hassle-free and ultimately rewarding experience.

As Basset & Gold investors complete the redemption process, we from time to time, survey their experience and their levels of satisfaction.

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Redemption process feedback

Every thing was well organised
Customer Care very good
The whole process was easy to follow and went through without a hitch
Everything according to expectation thank you
Quick. efficient service

What we found:

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100% of our surveyed sample felt they had received their funds in a timely manner.

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80% of our surveyed sample felt their redemption requests had been delt with to their satisfaction.

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100% of our surveyed sample felt they were satisfied with the redemption process.

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90% of our surveyed sample were likely to recommend Basset & Gold to a friend.

Redemption  options

1 . Cash Bond

Learn more about Cash Bond

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STEP 1: Send redemption form

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STEP 2: Wait 30 business days


STEP 3:Get paid directly to your bank account

Learn more about Cash Bond

2 . Other Products*

Bond Comparison

In relation to all our other bonds, whilst these are not redeemable prior to their maturity date, in exceptional circumstances, an application may be made to the Board for consideration.

*Fixed Monthly Income, 5 Year High Yield Compounding Bond, Basset & Gold IFISA

Bond Comparison

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