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Is there a Concentration Risk in Basset & Gold Plc?

Yes. There are two types of Concentration Risk that could be associated with an investment in Basset & Gold Fixed-Income Bonds. First, if an investor were permitted to place high proportion of their savings into Basset & Gold Fixed-income Bonds, they would be heavily exposed to Basset & Gold Plc’s insolvency. Second, if Basset & Gold Plc invests heavily in a small number of underlying investments, its ability to service the Bonds will be heavily dependent upon the performance of each individual investment. At present, Basset & Gold Plc invests predominantly in an FCA-regulated consumer lender. The FCA-regulated consumer lender has tens of thousands of loans.  Basset & Gold Plc benefits from a corporate debenture over all of the lender’s assets, including all of the loans.”

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