Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of interest summary

B&G Finance Ltd ("Basset Gold" or "Company") has a policy on the management of potential conflicts of interest to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to identify and manage conflicts that may arise which might result in a material risk to the interests of our clients.

Our approach is to identify those aspects of our service, including how we interact with the Basset Gold group of companies and third-party suppliers, which could result in a conflict between your interests and ours or between the interests of different clients.

Conflicting interests usually fall into the following categories:

Who this policy applies to

This policy applies to:

Organisational arrangements

Our organisational structure provides for segregation of duties and appropriately apportioned roles and responsibilities to prevent conflicts arising, ensuring that no single person can exercise inappropriate influence over a particular process. Procedures are in place to ensure that potential conflicts between Basset Gold and our clients are managed fairly.

Personal conflicts

Contracts of employment prevent staff from accepting roles or directorships with other companies outside the Basset Gold group unless prior approval has been received from the Board of Directors. We do not display preference to any client or group of clients over any others in the provision of our services. Further, staff bonus and remuneration arrangements are carefully considered to ensure that conflicts do not inadvertently arise through inappropriately set targets. An internal whistleblowing policy is in place which affords staff a high level of protection should they report any wrongdoing by others.

Identifying and disclosing conflicts

If and when Basset Gold determines the methods employed by the Company to prevent and mitigate conflicts of interest not to be adequate to guarantee, with reasonable assurance, that risk of harm to clients’ interests will be prevented, Basset Gold shall disclose any such conflicts of interest to the client in order to avert a risk of damage to clients’ interests. Any actual or potential conflict of interest will be disclosed by Basset Gold in sufficient time and in a durable manner prior to carrying out the transaction or providing an investment or an ancillary service to a client.

Selection of suppliers

We prevent potential conflicts arising through the selection of suppliers by refusing to accept or provide fees, commissions and non-monetary benefits which do not directly enhance the service offered. Any personal relationships are disregarded in the selection of service providers, agents, third-party suppliers and distributors to prevent the possibility of inappropriate selection.

Charges disclosure

You will not be liable to pay more fees than are disclosed to you.

Gifts disclosure

We acknowledge that gifts and entertainment arrangements common in the industry may give rise to adverse influence. We address this by limiting the receipt of gifts and/or entertainment to those where the value is not material.

The keeping of records regarding conflicts of interest

Basset Gold keeps records, which are updated on a regular basis, of any kinds of activities or services carried out by Basset Gold, or on its behalf, in which any conflict of interest involving a material threat of harm to the interests of our clients has been identified.

Further information

This summary reflects our detailed Conflicts of Interest Policy that is in place to ensure the fair treatment for all of our clients through the effective management of potential conflicts. We are not aware of any further material conflicts of interests.

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