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Basset & Gold Bonds are offered in various options ranging from absolute liquidity, through monthly cash flow and up to fully reinvested compounded returns, allowing you as an investor to pick a bond or create a bond portfolio to best suit your investment objectives.


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  • Monthly Interest Payments
  • Maximum Term
  • Easy Access 30-Day Withdrawal
  • Annual Income on £50,000
  • Monthly Income
  • Total Interest and Capital
  • Total Return on Investment

Return on investment is based on an initial investment of £50,000
Returns are pre-tax at the applicable rate.
Tax free investments are available through SIPP investments and are based on your SIPP provider.
Notes to 5-Year Compounding High-Yield Bond:
Monthly returns are for illustrative purpose – your entire capital and interest are paid at the end of the bond term.
9.01% interest rate is the simple interest rate received by investors on an annual non-accruing basis. Actual interest is compounded monthly based on 7.46%/12.