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Pensioner Bonds

Our Pensioner Bonds are back!

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The Fixed Income Pensioner Bonds are a unique investment opportunity offered exclusively to investors who are aged 55+ who are looking to generate a predictable and ongoing cash flow from their savings that is paid directly into their bank accounts. Pensioner Bonds are offered for an initial fixed term of one year that can be renewed up to a maximum term of five years. Investors can choose between the Monthly Income Pensioner Bond that pays 4.24% p.a. in equal monthly payments directly to their bank account OR the compounding Pensioner Bond that pays 4.32% Annualised Average Return (AAR) once a year. Interest rates are fixed at the applicable rate and will remain so until the end of the bond term.

Interest Shield: The interest rate of our Pensioner Bonds tracks Bank of England interest rate increases, taking effect from the date of issue. The unique feature of this product is that it will not track Bank of England interest rate reductions. Find out more about this bond's “High Water Mark” feature today.

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Fixed Income Pensioner Bonds were designed by Basset & Gold to be a simple and straightforward investment for investors aged 55+ who are looking to utilise their savings without depleting them. Bondholders lend the company money in return for a fixed rate of interest that remains the same throughout the term of the bond: 4.24% p.a. for the Pensioner Bond that pays monthly, and 4.32% AAR for the Pensioner Bond that pays annually. 

Investment Amount – For this bond, the minimum investment is £1,000 and the maximum is £500,000.

Attractive Interest Rates – The Fixed Income Pensioner Bonds are offered in two payment terms: monthly interest payments at 4.24% p.a. and annual interest at 4.32% AAR.

Interest Payments – Interest is paid either monthly or annually, depending on the bond selected. The interest rate will remain the same for the duration of the initial period AND for all subsequent extensions.

Terminal Illness Clause – In the unfortunate event that you are terminally ill, you are able to redeem your investment before the end of the term with 90-days' notice without any fees or charges.

No Fees – You are not charged any fees or charges.

100% Capital Returned – In addition to your monthly interest payments, your entire investment capital is repaid at the end of the bond term.

Points to

Illiquid investment - Your capital is tied up for the full term of investment. Early redemption is not allowed except in the case of terminal illness or at the board’s discretion.

No secondary market - As the bonds are non-transferable, there is no secondary market for investors to sell their bonds.

Key entities - The promoter is B&G Finance Ltd, which is responsible to you as an investor for the accuracy of the information you receive about the product and for assessing the product’s appropriateness for you in light of your knowledge and understanding. Bonds are issued by B&G Finance Ltd’s sister company, Basset & Gold Plc.

The Pensioner Bonds were designed for...

Who is this bond for

The Pensioner Bonds were designed for investors who are looking to maximise their savings yet are unable to commit to long periods of time. With an attractive return of 4.24% p.a. monthly or 4.32% AAR yearly, it is in our opinion the ideal investment tool for retired investors who want to enjoy their savings today without depleting them.

Investors are advised to note the Risk Warning below as well as to review the comprehensive risk and tax information within the bond Invitation Document available to eligible investors. If you are in doubt as to whether this investment is suitable for you, please consult an independent financial advisor.


The numbers:

  • Fixed rate of 4.24% p.a. (monthly payments) and 4.32% AAR (annual payments)
  • Minimum investment is £1,000
  • Maximum investment is £500,000
  • Interest payments – 12 per annum OR 1 per annum.
  • Can be extended up to 5 years at the same interest rate
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Your capital is at risk.
Please refer to the Risk Warning below.

Tax treatment of ISAs depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.

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Your capital is at risk. 
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