The Basset & Gold Tournament Launches to Get People Walking

As West Ham United's official shirt sleeve partner, we were keen to initiate and be the catalyst for the new match-day Walking Football Tournament, demonstrating our commitment not only to the Premier League's East London Team, but also to the ethos and health benefits of walking football - and our business spirit.

Nicholas Walter

We've Relaunched Our Innovative Finance ISA Bonds

In response to high demand, we have decided to make our Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs) available again in 2018. Our IFISAs were among our most popular products last year, with almost £10m invested by nearly 800 customers to date.

Nicholas Walter

Proud Supporters of Haydock High School

Earlier this year, as part of our outreach programme, Basset & Gold agreed to support Haydock High School and the sponsorship of their sport department – specifically the girls and boys basketball, rugby union and league and netball kits.

Nicholas Walter

New Official Investment Partner of West Ham United

We're particularly proud to announce our partnership with West Ham United, becoming their Official Investment Partner for the upcoming 2018/19 Premier League season. The partnership will see our presence on the West Ham strip, as official sleeve sponsors.

Daniel Smith, Director - Basset & Gold

Basset & Gold is proud to be selected as a co-finalist of the SME National Business Awards in the ‘FinTech Business of the Year’ category.

The category highlights up-and-coming financial sector companies that harness technology to provide end-to-end solutions to enhance user experience and support or enable banking and financial services.

Nicholas Walter

We are now in the late-cycle market … and this is what PIMCO says

PIMCO, one of the biggest fund managers in the world with more than $1.7 trillion assets under management in December 2017, have recently published their 2018 Asset Allocation Outlook and believe that the US economy is now in the late business cycle (i.e. late in the expansion phase)...

Benedict Yung, CFA

It's Time for Cash Savings Providers to Play Fair

With interest rates at historical low levels, savers have received pitiful returns on their cash. In most cases they have received ‘negative’ returns when they consider the interest rates being offered on savings products...

What’s the difference between peer-to-peer and balance sheet lending?

Ever since peer-to-peer (P2P) lending started to take off in 2011, there has been widespread confusion about what exactly it is and how it differs from other, more familiar types of lending, such as the mortgages, personal loans and credit cards that most of us get from our bank.

Basset & Gold’s 2017 Christmas Glitz & Glam

Friday night was most definitely a festive one for us at Basset & Gold! We kicked off our annual Christmas party with dinner and drinks at Brown’s Brasserie.

Secured and Unsecured Lending

What’s the difference between secured and unsecured lending? That’s a no-brainer, right? Secured lending has a safety net; you can seize assets from the borrower if they are unable to repay their debt, and sell them to get your money back.

Economists predict no base rate rise for at least a year

Several top economists have predicted that we won’t see a rise in the Bank of England’s base rate (set at 0.25% since August 2016) for at least another year. Some think we could be well into 2019 before the BoE is ready to make a change.

Identity fraud in the UK has reached ‘epidemic’ levels

Fraud prevention service Cifas reported in August that nearly 500 identities are being stolen per day in the UK. This could be a conservative figure, as...

Inflation reaches 2.9% and hits savers where it hurts

The latest Consumer Prices Index stats show that the rate of inflation rose to 2.9% in August 2017. With no savings accounts on the UK market currently meeting...

Basset & Gold are sponsoring LendIt Europe 2017

LendIt is Europe’s largest international lending and FinTech event and we’re proud to be one of its sponsors this year – look out for our logo on your lanyard.

UK Tax Levels Reach 30-Year High As Proportion Of National Income

As a proportion of national income, the level of tax in the UK has reached the highest level for 30 years, a respected think tank has found.

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