Aligned Investment Model

The interest rates of our Fixed Monthly Income Bonds, High-Yield Compounding Bond, and the Pensioner Bonds track Bank of England interest rate increases, taking effect from the date of issue. However, the unique feature of these products is that they will not track Bank of England interest rate reductions. 

Where the Bank of England interest rate rises and falls, the Bond rate will reflect the highest increase since the date of the Bonds’ issuance. This is referred to as a “High Water Mark”.

So if the Bank of England rate increases by 1% and then falls, you will continue to get the benefit of the 1% increase, as that was the highest increase since the Bonds were issued. If the rate increases above that 1% level, then the Bond rate will “rise with the tide”.

The table below provides an example of how fluctuations in the Bank of England rate would affect the rate payable on Bonds.  

Terminal Illness Cover

In our quest to design ever-more suitable products for our investors, we understand that you require confidence in your decision to invest with us.

Basset & Gold now offers not only great returns on our investment products, but also Terminal Illness Cover across all our bonds.

Whatever your circumstance, the Terminal Illness Cover can make a big difference at a difficult time. As part of your cover, you’ll not only be entitled to redemption of the bond but also the payment of all interest accrued but unpaid as of the date of redemption. With the confidence this provides you and your loved ones, the decision to invest in a Basset & Gold bond just became an easier one to make.

So whether you’re seeking easy access to your cash, monthly payments directly into your bank account, or to maximise your investment over a longer term, the terminal illness cover now comes as standard.

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