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About Us

We are a London-based investment firm which looks to provide financing to alternative lenders and direct loans. Our team is made up of a range of experienced professionals who aim to provide financing to lending platforms and direct loans through capital raised via our range of fixed income bonds.

The returns currently range from 3.14% p.a. on our cash bond (which offers 30 business days’ liquidity) right up to 9.01% AAR (Annualised Average Return) on our 5-Year Compounding Bond.

We aim to create investment opportunities that are easy for advisers’ clients to understand, that are transparent and continuously monitor risk while maintaining market-leading returns that help to meet those clients’ goals.

Our Investment Methodology

Our investments are based on a comprehensive due diligence process. We operate with a conservative approach and the bar is set high for us to proceed.

To date, our success has been built upon the provision of a large number of short-term loans (1-6 months) through a third party UK FCA regulated lender.

The Alternative Finance Market

The world of online lending has quickly evolved, with multiple forms of lending becoming available to both borrowers and investors. Peer-to-peer lending, marketplace loans, property finance, invoice financing and factoring, and many other forms of lending have now become available to everyday investors.

This market has shown tremendous growth, from £1.74 billion in 2014 to £6.19 billion in 2017 in the UK alone.* It is expected to continue to grow.

On the one hand, this growth has brought in institutional investors with large sums of money; on the other hand, this has made it more challenging for private investors to make high returns and gain investor security.

What We Can Offer Your Clients

• Exposure to alternative lending  
• Diversification to your clients’ portfolios
• A range of investment products that may meet your clients' objectives, including:

o fixed-rate monthly income-generating bonds,
o tax-free Innovative Finance ISA bonds, and  
o high-yield compounding bonds.

• Access to an online "My Account" area to view and manage current holdings
• A dedicated Relationship Manager
• No set-up costs or charges to investors

Benefits and Features


Tax-free investment options *

Dedicated Relationship Manager


No set-up costs to investors

Online account area

* Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to changes in the future.

Key Facts


Interest rates from 3.14% p.a. to 9.01% AAR


3-year track record*

£1,000 minimum investment

Online account area

Capital is at risk and Bond repayments are not guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
* Past performance is not indicative of future results.

What We Can Offer Advisers

Our bonds are likely to appeal to advisers’ clients who are looking to generate a good, predictable level of income from an allocation of their investments. However, they are equally relevant to those looking to accumulate income within their fund, as we provide the option to compound the income over the term of the bond. Capital is at risk, of course, but it provides diversification into an alternative asset class.

With a minimum investment of just £1,000, the bonds have a wide appeal. They provide options for clients in accumulation or decumulation phases and pension holders for whom our monthly income bond has particular appeal. Our Cash Bond has proved particularly popular with business investors who want access to their cash (with 30 business days' notice) but also want to see a return on their capital.

Points to consider

Illiquid investment – Investor's capital is tied up for the full term of investment. Early redemption is not allowed except in the case of terminal illness or at the board’s discretion.

No secondary market – As the bonds are non-transferable, there is no secondary market for investors to sell their bonds.

Key entities – Basset & Gold is a trading name of B&G Finance Ltd and Basset & Gold Plc. Both companies form part of the Basset & Gold Group. Promotion of the bonds and arranging investment is through B&G Finance Ltd. and the bonds are issued by Basset & Gold Plc. Only B&G Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") in the UK as FRN 788684.

Capital is at risk and Bond repayments are not guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investors are advised to note the Risk Warning below as well as to review the comprehensive risk and tax information within the bond Invitation Document available to eligible investors.


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98% would recommend us*

George Rump

I bought my first income bond. Just received my first months interest. Basset and Gold seem very reliable as a company.

Posted 1 month ago


Very pleased and happy the way all the proceedings goes and would be quite pleased to recommend a friend.

Posted 2 months ago

Alan Stoddart

More than happy with the returns I received and the redemption process was easy.

Posted 4 months ago

*As of 02.12.2018


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