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The Basset & Gold lecture series is produced in association with Professor Pilbeam of International Economics and Finance at City, University of London; and Professor Amir Alizadeh-Masoodian, Professor of Shipping Economics & Finance Cass Business School.

These esteemed academics have put together a highly informative and engaging series of lectures taking us through the world of finance, providing a comprehensive introduction to financial markets, institutions and instruments that constitute global finance. The series is readily understandable for students of finance and those wanting to understand the workings of the modern financial world.

Government Bond Market

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Professor Amir Alizadeh-Masoodian introduces this session with an explanation of Bonds and the Bond Market. The talk then progresses onto the different types off Bonds offered including Domestic Bonds, Foreign Bonds and Eurobonds, and then examines the types of issuers such as Government Bonds, Municipality bonds and Corporate bonds, identifying their main characteristics and the respective principals of Bond Valuation. The session then culminates with a focus on Government bond pricing, and an explanation of Yield to Maturity with an example of the relationship between Yield and Bond prices.

Corporate Bond Market

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Professor Amir Alizadeh-Masoodian introduces this session with a description of a Corporate Bond and the types and forms of such bonds, including medium terms notes, high yield and serials bonds. The session then moves on to explain the associated risks and the role of credit rating agencies and the 'grading' of companies and the credit rating of corporate bonds. Professor Amir ends the lecture with a very informative explanation of the credit rating systems on the corporate debt and Corporate Bond innovations.

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