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What are our values?

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Basset & Gold has built up a team of seasoned professionals with considerable  experience of providing financing to marketplace and peer-to-peer lending platforms. We're at the forefront of an innovative sector giving clients access to products previously available to institutional investors.

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Clients first

Ultimately, we wouldn't be here without you. With this in mind, with every decision, we keep our clients' needs at the front of our decision-making processes. See our Aligned Investment Model to understand more about how we do this.

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Aligned Investment Model

We truly believe in the success of our investments and decided that the best way to show our clients this was with our Aligned Investment Model (AIM). We invest our own capital alongside our clients on every investment we make.

What makes us unique?

Dedicated Relationship Manager

On becoming a client of Basset & Gold, you’ll receive your own dedicated Relationship Manager who’ll be on hand throughout the day to assist you. We even offer personal home visits because we know that it’s better to build relationships face-to-face. Whether you have questions about how our bonds work or you want to understand our corporate DNA, your personal Relationship Manager will be next to you throughout your journey with Basset & Gold.

Investments made easy

We want to keep it as easy as possible for you when you choose to invest your funds with Basset & Gold. We’ve got a team of analysts that work through each deal to find the opportunities that will provide great returns. Our deal-making team carry out large amounts of due diligence on an individual deal-by-deal basis, so you can sit back and focus on the more personal things in life.

Interest Rate Shield

We’ve innovated the Interest Rate Shield, which comes with the majority of our products. You can rest assured that if interest rates rise, your bond yield will too, with a ‘High Watermark’ structure which means that where the Bank of England interest rate rises and falls, the Bond rate will reflect the highest increase since the date of the Bonds’ issuance. We will not lower the interest paid to you. See the Investment Memorandum for more information.

Fixed payments

It’s important to be able to control your finances; that’s why our products offer a fixed payment allowing you to plan for your future. The only time your Basset & Gold interest will change is when the Interest Rate Shield is activated and the return you get rises.

Monthly yield

Sometimes it’s important to get your interest payments in the shorter term, and that’s why we give our clients the opportunity to get access to monthly interest payments.

No fees

We truly believe that the best way to maintain our 'client first' core value is to invest alongside our clients. Because of this, we also have the ability to not charge you any fees throughout the process with Basset & Gold, allowing you to retain more of your capital.

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